Exploring Medical Language ,8th Edition:

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Exploring Medical Language
Exploring Medical Language : A Student-Directed Approach, 8th Edition
By Myrna LaFleur Brooks, BEd, RN and Danielle LaFleur Brooks, MATLA, MEd
Feb 25, 2011 ISBN: 9780323073080
Suggested retail price $81.95

Also available as a eBook
on VitalSource and Kno
What's this?

Med Term coverage:  Moderate

Programmed Approach:  No

A&P coverage:  Basic

Practice exercises:  Extensive, including many practical application exercises

Supplemental Content: many interactive activities online on Evolve, and many appendices in the textbook and Evolve website

Emphasizing medical terminology and vocabulary, Exploring Medical Language: A Student-Directed Approach, 8th Edition uses proven instructional methods, extensive practice, and exciting multimedia learning tools to help your students master the medical terminology they'll need for success in the health care field. This objective-based approach guides students step-by-step in building each term from its foundation, with a logical, body-systems organization and engaging terminology exercises that reinforce students' understanding and help you create a more effective medical terminology course.

  • Anatomy and physiology boosters on the companion Evolve website strengthen students' understanding of important A&P concepts.
  • New terms and abbreviations added throughout the text keep students current with the latest advances in technology and changes in the health care industry.
  • Updated illustrations clarify complex physiological processes and familiarize students with new equipment they may encounter on the job.
  • Systematic approach to terminology equips students to recognize and define new words as they encounter them and build the medical vocabulary they'll need in the health care setting.
  • Pronunciation key provides quick access to frequently referenced material.
  • Case studies encourage critical thinking and challenge students to apply what they've learned to realistic scenarios.
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine boxes highlight words and phrases associated with this increasingly popular discipline.
  • Terminology flash cards included with every book provide valuable review and self-assessment tools students can take anywhere for study on the go.
  • Audio CDs, available at an additional charge and packaged either separately or with the book, help students perfect their pronunciation of difficult terms.
  • Comprehensive educator support on a companion Evolve website simplifies your course preparation and lesson planning with PowerPoint lecture outlines, additional exercises, a 1,100-question test bank, and an image collection.
  • Medical Terminology Online, available separately, provides an enhanced learning experience with fully integrated online lessons, animations, slide shows, quizzes, exams, and more.

Educator Resources on Evolve

  • TEACH resources including lesson plans, PowerPoint lecture slides, and quizzes and classroom activities
  • Additional exercises
  • Test bank
  • Teaching tips 

Student Resources on Evolve

  • NEW! A&P Booster with Archie animation
  • Electronic flash cards
  • Body Spectrum A&P reviews
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Part 1: Introduction to Word Parts and Human Body Structure
Chapter 1 Introduction to Word Parts
Chapter 2 Body Structure, Color, and Oncology
Chapter 3 Directional Terms, Planes, Positions, Regions, and Quadrants P

art 2: Body Systems
Chapter 4 Integumentary System
Chapter 5 Respiratory System
Chapter 6 Urinary System
Chapter 7 Male Reproductive System
Chapter 8 Female Reproductive System
Chapter 9 Obstetrics and Neonatology
Chapter 10 Cardiovascular, Immune, and Lymphatic Systems and Blood
Chapter 11 Digestive System
Chapter 12 Eye
Chapter 13 Ear 
Chapter 14 Musculoskeletal System
Chapter 15 Nervous System and Behavioral Health
Chapter 16 Endocrine System

Appendixes (Book)
A. Combining Forms, Prefixes, and Suffixes Alphabetized According to Word Part
B. Combining Forms, Prefixes, and Suffixes Alphabetized According to Definition
C. Additional Combining Forms, Prefixes, and Suffixes
D. Abbreviations E. Pharmacology Terms

Appendixes (on Evolve)
F. Health Care Delivery/Managed Care Terms
G. Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies
H. Behavioral Health Terms
I. Clinical Research Terms
J. Nutrition Terms

Illustration Credit